OG Cheese

80% Indica 20% Sativa
Dias flor. / Flowering period: 75-80 days
ProducciOn / Weld: alta 5009rs. / High
Taste: pungent, cheese, sweet.

lfyou are a fan of The Cheese then you will like 0G Cheese as it is is a cross
between afemale San Fernando Kush and an Exodus Cheese female.

The “Special Relationship" produces a nice cross from both sides of the
water. The best of California crossed with a great phenotype of probably
the mostwell—known and popular of the UK's strains —Cheese. 0G Cheese
really is a great marriage — a very interesting new hybrid with a knockout
effect typical of a heavy indica. The Flavour is a somewhat “classic" skunk
reminiscent of the past. The original Cheese mother

controls the fruity. tangy flavourwith the Kush father

og cheese.jpg